IL Dept. of Natural Resources holds final fracking hearing tonight

Following the passage of a fracking law by the Democrat-controlled legislature and Democratic governor, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently began a series of hearings on its proposed fracking administrative rules, which flesh out the finer details of how fracking will be regulated in the state. The last hearing will be held tonight in Carbondale, 6-8 p.m., at the SIU Student Center.

Springfield’s Law: The Younger You Are, the More You Get Screwed

When details emerged about the Democrat-sponsored pension legislation (S.B. 1) that passed the Illinois General Assembly earlier this week, Dan Montgomery, president of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, summed up the thoughts of many public employees: “We call it theft.” But the theft does not affect everyone equally. Middle-aged workers and those close to retirement age will take a quite a hit, no doubt. But the younger you are, the worse this bill is for you [...]

Whitney: Illinois pension crisis could be solved with a progressive tax system

Now that we have the largest unfunded pension liability in the United States, much of the corporate media in this state have taken to blaming the workers for the problem, spreading the lie that their pension benefits are too “generous,” when in fact they are extremely modest compared to other states, workers pay their fair share into the system and often lose Social Security benefits as part of the price for receiving them. This is actually part of an ongoing attack on middle-income working people by Wall Street and certain financial interests…

Democrats betray unions, pass pension bill

Democrats in both houses of the General Assembly passed pension reform (SB 1) that punishes public employees for years of overspending by said Democrats. Governor Pat Quinn, also a Democrat, has vowed to sign the legislation. We Are One Illinois, a coalition of public employee unions, released this statement, which says it all: “This is […]

Commentary: Who Really Represents the Environmental Movement?

The Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) recently added insult to injury by giving State Rep. John Bradley, Democratic representative from the 114th District, a perfect score of 100 percent on its “environmental scorecard” for 2013…That’s the insult. The injury was inflicted earlier this year, when Bradley led the effort to pass a so-called “regulatory” bill that will now permit “fracking” – horizontal hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and natural gas – in Illinois.

Call for Candidates

Now is the time for Greens who have thought about running for office to be consulting with spouses, partners, family and friends – and making the decision to step forward. Now is the time for Greens who know of other good prospective candidates to have conversations with them, and popping the question: “Have you ever thought about joining the Green Party and running as a Green?”