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Four Greens elected to local office

Green Party members won 4 offices in Consolidated Elections on April 5, 2011. Steve Alesch was elected Warrenville Park District, Don Crawford was unopposed for St. Elmo School Board, Michael Drennan was unopposed for Ridgeville Park District, and Toni Williams was elected to Thornton Twp HS District 205 board.

Make the call for Steve!

This weekend volunteers for the Steve Alesch for Warrenville Park District campaign finished its targeted precinct walk, delivering roughly 1800 pieces of literature. Now the campaign team has begun phone-banking: Calling likely voters and reminding them to go and vote for Steve

Vote Green on April 5

Consolidated Elections for various local offices will be held on Tuesday, April 5. You can support the Green Party by supporting Green Party members Steve Alesch, Jessica Bradshaw, Matt Hawkins, Courtney Johnson, and Toni Williams.

Find your polling place

It’s Election Day in several towns across Illinois, including Chicago, Carbondale and East St. Louis where Green Party candidates are on the ballot. Make sure you get out to the polls and support Green candidates!

Election Night Party

Matt Reichel, the Green Party-recognized candidate for 47th Ward alderman, will be hosting an Election Night gathering on Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 7 p.m. at O’Shaughnessy’s, 4557 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, to watch returns. All are invited.

Gearing up for PM push

Media has been reporting high turnout in a lot of places, notably some suburban precincts. We haven’t seen it here on the North Side – turnout up until now has been a little flat. But we expect a surge after 4:00. People have been sent back out and we’re gearing up to make further lit […]

Funds for mass transit, anyone?

We got a report, which we’ve confirmed, that the CTA Blue Line had something major mechanical happen, backing up outbound trains from Belmont back – in other words, backing up all of the trains running through the heart of the district we’re basing a lot of our work in. Of course the Blue Line is […]

Toni Berrios illegally electioneering!

We have reports from multiple precincts that Rep. Berrios is delivering pastries to election judges – which is technically legal – but the pastries are emblazoned with her campaign stickers – which is NOT. That’s illegal electioneering, and because of the way it’s being done, it’s easy to imagine why election judges might not be […]